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UFOs One Year at a Time: 1982



A man named Joao Valerio da Silva, nicknamed "Jango" claimed a certain number of contacts with extraterrestrial beings. One of these contact entered lists of close encounters of the 3rd kind while the whole of his stories appeared in a UFO book he coauthored. In 1982, Joao Valerio was living in a flat in Botucatu, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in the night from the 29th to 30th of November, at 02:00 a.m., he was awaked by a noise in the backyard, he opened the door and was confronted by two small strange men and a woman, each approximately a meter tall, with brilliant blue suit.

They approached him, presenting their open palms as if they wanted to show that they did not carry any weapon. He fainted, and his family found him outside, naked and unconscious beside his piled up clothes. They quickly took him to a hospital where he recovered two hours later, remembering that he had been in a room like that of a hospital, with the same small beings which had confronted him at the door appearing again. They carried a clothing which seemed to be made of a rubbery material, spoke to him and led him to a wall comprising a contour of a human form. The beings would look at this contour and then at him, like comparing both, then they left. Other sources indicates that at this date, or another date of November 1982, he was cooking at his home, when he noticed a brilliant white light outside through a window. He entered the living room to see more closely, and while he did that, an intense beam of light sucked him up towards the ceiling, and he found himself on his knees on what seemed to be like a hot spongy floor, in a circular room approximately 10 meters in diameter, well-lit although he could not see any lamps or integrated lighting.

There were some six meager hooded aliens in that room, one had a scaly hand with three fingers, and another, withdrawing a cape and a hood, proved to be a beautiful naked woman, described as having "a thin oval face with a thin aquiline nose, soft cheeks, fine eyebrows, brilliant chocolate brown eyes. Her voluptuous lips were pink red, exposing shiny white teeth... He chestnut hair, with gilded reflections, cascaded on her shoulders. She had large golden earrings balancing at each ear. She carried a black cape down to the floor with red satin at the collar." Joao Valerio reported to have been sexually excited by this "princess from space," who looked straight ahead, "her dark sensual eyes free from any reaction or emotion. The alien hand again came out and undid the silk node at the base of her throat. With a whoosh, the satin cape slipped of her shoulders and fell on the ground around her feet."

"Jango's stunned gaze descended the length of her nubile body, past her bodacious bosom, nipped-in waist, dimpled navel and rounded hips hinting at a voluptuous rear. Her skin was a dark shade of sunny gold, and she reacted not at all to his open-mouthed stare, just looking ahead as if her mind was several light-years away."

He consequently was found by his family on the floor of their home, naked and without consciousness, his clothes piled up near him, his skin covered of red marks, and his watch stopped. Many other adventures are part of the story, including an encounter with an alien named Rama, space flights on board their saucers, and the aliens providing Jango "scientific secrets" and a drug to treat the son of a friend who had a brain haemorrhage, with instructions to rub his feet with the medicine.

It is also said that Joao Valerio and his son are aliens, as a photograph of his son lets guess pointed ears under his buckled hair. Several authors talk about physical evidence, in the form of a report of chemical analysis of this drug, observation of marks and traces on his body and intimate parts.

In a web article called "Aliens, EBEs, Grays, Iarga", Patricia Weissleader indicates that in Wendelle Stevens' book "UFO Abduction at Botucatu", the author indicates that Joao Valerio da Silva "was given some medicine by the aliens to treat the son of a friend who had a skull hemorrhage. It was to be rubbed into the soles of the feet! Some of the material was analyzed by a lab. The 22-page computer report of the tests is included in the book, for any chemists who may want to follow it up. A second medicine given to him was not analyzed at the time, due to lack of available resources."

She specified that Joao Valerio was abducted and returned some distance from his home in his pajamas, and that the name of his alien contact was "Rama."

She specified that Joao Valerio "had relations with an alien woman" who was taller than he was, but did not get her name. He was told that he and his son in Brazil from his marriage are related to the aliens. A photo of the son shows what appear to be pointed ears, hiding in curly hair.

The resolutely erotica-science-fictionesque tone of a more original report cited by one of the sources leaves me skeptic as for the reality of this alleged alien abduction. The most primary source appearing to be Gray Barker hardly reassures since this author is largely known among serious ufologists for his drifts towards the imaginary. Obvious contradictions seem to appear between the sources I found. The electronic book could however perhaps give more solid or serious information, and provide the version by the witness who is indicated as co-author, or on the contrary show a definite "Adamski-type" tale with an inspiration from the famous Antonio Villas-Boas case, and not having acquired it yet, I prefer to temporarily reserve my opinion.

1982 Encounter in Maine

It was the summer of 1982. I was 14, living in Eliott, Maine - a small town across the river from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Our house was empty, as we were moving to Alaska that week, and the movers had already taken our belongings. It was dusk, and I was upstairs in my room, laying in my sleeping bag, listening to the radio, looking out of the window that no longer had curtains. Suddenly I saw a black, geometric object zig-zagging rapidly in the air above the tree line of the woods behind my house. Its distance away from me was about 1.5 football field lengths. Its motion reminded me of an air hockey puck, with seemingly instantaneous changes in direction. It was zig-zagging, but traveling in my general direction. At this distance, the general shape of the object seemed to resemble a coffin - oriented flat with respect to the ground, with the wider end towards the direction of travel, which was towards me. But it was hard to tell because of the distance away and the object's speed. The object kept its height in the air constant, about 5 to 10 feet above the trees.

I got up and kneeled at the window to get a better look, but could no longer see it. The way it moved made the sight seem unreal, and I stayed kneeling by the window for a few minutes to try to see the object again, but did not. I could not comprehend what I had seen. As I started to look away from the window to go back to laying down, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the object hovering above my back yard, about 30 to 40 feet away from my window, at about the same height in the air as my window on the second story of the house. It was perfectly still, and perfectly silent, and it wasn't there a second ago. It looked like it was made of metal, but was a dull gun-metal black, with no windows, lights, doors or seams of any kind, but it did have a few small protrusions which looked like instrumentation - giving me the impression the object was some sort of machinery.

It was the approximate size of an automobile. The shape was a trapezoid - a square or rectangle 'front' and a larger square or rectangle in the back, so the craft tapered from the back to the front. It was like a pyramid tipped over on its side with the pointed portion removed. Or maybe a better way to describe it is as a blunted wedge. This shape seemed different from the way it appeared when it was zig-zagging above the trees, but I might have been mistaken of its shape when it was above the trees, since that was at some distance away, and moving rapidly. I had absolutely no fear of the object - only curiosity as to what it was I was looking at. I got to look at it for about 4 seconds, then it left in an instant. It left so fast, that I could just barely tell that it left in a direction, rather than just disappearing. The object left in the opposite direction it came from. And though the craft seemed to have a front and a back, it did not turn around before reversing its direction.

When the song on the radio ended, the DJ came on saying that he was getting inundated with calls about some object seen in the air. I called the radio station as well, and told the DJ that I too had seen the object, but that was as much as I told him. I still, to this day, have never heard any other UFO report describing a craft shaped like this. My whole life, I rarely thought about this experience. Not until recently, when I saw a show on UFOs describing the same flight characteristic, did I really start to think about my experience, and realize that what I saw was a UFO.

I am an engineer now, and so understand that this craft displayed flight characteristics which defy our understanding of physics. It had no wings or control surfaces of any sort, and was entirely silent. It didn't need to move to stay aloft. It seemed unaffected by gravity or inertia. It had the ability to change speed and direction instantaneously - including the ability to hover perfectly still. Supposedly, there were a lot of people who saw this craft that night. So, maybe there are records of it somewhere. It was a mainstream, pop radio station that I was listening to.

Chris F.

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