Wednesday, August 5, 2009

UFOs One Year at a Time: 1962


On May 15, 1960, Sputnik IV broke up in orbit and some of the debris fell back down to Earth. One such fragment crashed in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. To this day there's still a little copper ring in the middle of North Eighth Street marking where it crashed in Manitowoc.

But the Blue Book photo published by "TRUE" Magazine is captioned:

"After decay of Sputnik IV at Manitowoc, Wisconsin on September 5, 1962, this unusual object turned up in Snohomish, Washington as possible portion of Sputnik. Wright-Patterson AFB concluded object was formed in a stream bed or in sand and gravel from stream bed because stream-worn pebbles were embedded in outer layer. They said it couldn't possibly have fallen from outer space."

It seems September 5, 1962 is the date when this object was found, in Washington not Wisconsin, and it has probably nothing to do with Sputnik IV.

But a US government legal publication states: "In 1962, it is reported that a 21 pound metal cylinder landed at the intersection of North 8th and Park Streets in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. This metal was later identified as a fragment of Sputnik 4, launched two years earlier."

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