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UFOs One Year at a Time: 1987


The Gulf Breeze UFOs

WIKIPEDIA-- Gulf Breeze was a small city of approximately 6,000 at the time of a wave of UFO sightings that began in late 1987. News of high-quality UFO photos spread rapidly and world-wide, and became the subject of newspaper and magazine articles, television talk shows and feature programs.

The "Gulf Breeze UFO Incident" most definitive evidence is a series of photographs and contact claims made by Ed Walters that began, for him, on November 11, 1987. Walters reported and documented a series of UFO sightings over a period of three weeks. The photographs of the craft were unusually clear and initially Walters' claims generated great excitement. Over subsequent years, new evidence including the discovery of a model in a house once owned by Walters, similar to the UFOs in his photographs, has shifted majority opinion to believe that Walters' photos of the 1987 sightings were a hoax.

June 10, 1990 Pensacola News Journal

Although Ed Walters was the nexus of the Gulf Breeze sightings, he was not the only person to claim a sighting. According to ufocasebook.com, an estimated 200+ others came forward with sightings, videos and/or photographs during a three-year period.


UFO Casebook-- Ed received another visit on December 2. Ed was awakened at about 3:30 am by the sound of his dog barking . He proceeded to his French doors and opened the blinds. He was looking at a creature about 4 foot in height with large black eyes. Ed was overcome with fear and fell down from the shock. He asserts that the alien being stared at him for just a moment, and then began to walk away.

He also said that: "I gave chase. As my feet left the shelter of the back porch I was hit by the blue beam and held immobile while the creature fled into the vacant field at the back of my house. As soon as I could move I retrieived my camera and took a picture of the UFO shooting the blue beam into the field. I believe that it was picking up the creature I had seen."
Ed Walters
In the early morning hours of December 5th, a UFO hovered above the trees near the high school not far from Ed's house. The UFO descended to hover just above the ground or land. Ed photographed the object and the landing spot. This particular incident would provide valuable support to Ed at a later date. He recalls: "The UFO moved towards me, I heard the voice say 'Do not resist... Zehaas.'"



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