Thursday, August 6, 2009

UFOs One Year at a Time: 1977

(ABOVE) At 03:30 p.m. on March 10, 1977, young Ricky Brandenburg was on the porch in front of his house, watching his mother talk to a neighbor lady. She asked him to bring the dog's dish out, when he happened to look over towards a two-story house to his right on the far end of the row of houses. He saw a strange object in the sky beyond, it came around into an open space and he could see that what he initially thought was an airplane or helicopter was actually something quite unusual, so he got a camera and took pictures as soon as he returned out of the house with the camera. He took five snapshots out in front of the house as the object moved rapidly across his field of view. He thought it was gone and started telling his mother what had happened, when he thought perhaps it would be visible from the back yard. He ran through the house to look, and sure enough, it had come around and was out there, only much closer. He got three more pictures before it went around the house again, so he ran back through the house and out front once more, and saw it in time to get another picture, roll the film, and snap once more as it bobbed a couple of times and rose almost vertically out of sight.

Drawing of 1977 Encounter-Northern Scarborough / Westhill, Ontario

I have attached a recent composite drawing of the craft, witnessed August,1977--close encounter. The location of this sighting was in northeastern Scarborough, close to Westhill, Ontario.

The craft was 50 feet away-west of my position in a field,and about 200 feet high max. If I had the right rock, I could of hit it. Each of the four lights that rotated clockwise-one at a time, had a universal significance of our state. Out of the four-I found the blue one to be the greatest of importance. Blue would represent water and the sky. Today, I see both are in jeopardy, due to artificial harmful substances that we have developed and released into our environment. Now how alien is that, to our wholesome?Link

The encounter of this craft lasted between 15-20 minutes, before I ran off to find a witness.The shape of the craft appeared to be capsule or pear shaped.This event was my second UFO sighting- classified as, a Close Encounter of the Third Kind. My first sighting happened back in Aug.1967-daytimer.

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